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Best Mind Freaking Scary Maze Game

First of all i want to discus about the scary maze game 1 which is an amazing idea. This is very simple but one of the top mind freaking game. Hope you will enjoy it.

Tequila zombies 3 game is basically a shooting game. You can play it online. In this game you have to face zombies and kill them as soon as possible. Zombies are dead creatures. They are hungry and coming after you to eat you up.
Jaqueline is its one of its character who meets with another character named as Miguel. They both meet at an ally and fight with zombies, vampires, demons and other characters to save themselves. In this game you have to collect all the ammo to use your weapons. After this you are able to move forward towards the next check point. Collect some tequila and use your super powers only when you need it so badly like if you are gathered by the cluster of zombies and want to save yourself and there is no other way out so use this this will save your life.

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Jaqueline is the most powerful character of this game. As she has the most powerful sniper rifle. This rifle can kill up to eight zombies in only one piercing shot. The game has some stages. In the beginning stage it is advised that you should use low power weapon as this stage is easy one. Progress to high level power slowly. Kill the zombies slowly and collect ammo and save it until you do not find a crate either it is a rifle or any heavy machine gun. Reload your gun again kill the zombies and play as same as mentioned above. If you continue with this strategy you can easily win this game.
There is another weapon named as stake hammer. Collect it and by this you can kill many zombies in only one hit. Some bosses also appear in the game. If you don’t have any weapon crate then when he shows up you may start dying. Try to run from him as fast as possible as if you are slow in that you are definitely being caught by him and then killed by him. From final boss you can save yourself just by running as fast as possible. His punches attacks are little slow so if you move very fast there is a chance that you may be save from him.

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You can control your desired player by using these keys. A and D keys are used to move your characters. While W and S are used to jump and action respectively. Space bar is for super powers, 1,2,3,4 is used to switch weapons, E for next and Q for previous weapon and R is for reloading purposes.Play this game and enjoy the horrifying effect of zombies and their wild world.

Play Rocky Rider 2 And Pass The Hurdles.

Play ‘Rocky Rider 2’ online where you need to drive your jeep through a rocky path as the path is full of hurdles or obstacle it’s not easy to reach your destination easily.
People who like car racing and driving games knows the true worth of these games as they does not only provide fun and thrill to their players but research shows that these games help players to increase their risk taking inclinations. Studies shows that car racing games increase risk taking in a subsequent road traffic situation, sensation seeking, approach towards reckless driving, blood pressure, risk promoting emotions and cognitions. These games are beneficial for players because of all these qualities as will help them to develop their mental skills too. One of such game is ‘Rocky Rider 2’ developed and launched by PlayHub.

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Rocky Rider 2’ is an adventure driving game. This is a browser game and can be played online on game website. In the game players need to drive his jeep or car through a rocky path. In spite of being rocky path contains many obstacles too that will hinder the player to reach its final destination. Aim of this game is to its destination point in a given time period. Now initially player has only three car option to select from as rest of the vehicles will be unlocked in the garage because of lack of money. Select one of the three cars to play level one. While playing this level, you can collect coins from the rocky path through passing obstacles and other hurdles that can be used later in the game to buy vehicles as well as other goods available in the garage. These garage items will help you passing through hurdles. As there will be path where only small jeep can pass, to cross this path there will be vehicle scaling instruments in the game that will make your vehicle small; you can resize your vehicle depending on path or hurdle requires with these scaling instruments. In each subsequent level, difficulty level of the path would be increased but don’t you need to worry as in each subsequent level you have more many to buy upgrades and useful tools from garage.

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Directions to play this game are very simple and easy. You can use arrow keys as well as Alphabet key W or A or S or D to drive your vehicle. To use jump/ rocket engine press Z or M or N or X or Y.You can also play at

Road Of Fury 2 – Online Racing Games With Extreme Thrill

Play ‘ Road of Fury 2’ online as this game has an undeniable charm that keeps you to play this game round after the round…
People of each age group love to play online car racing arcade games as these games give trill, challenge and joy to their players. Like this, Road of Fury 2 also provides all these pleasures to their players. It is an arcade vehicular rail shooter game made by IriySoft.

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The main character of this game is named as ‘Cole’, it’s been winter season in a game and the bombs are dropping everywhere because of this the desire of reaching safe place has become the utmost desire of our game hero Cole. His way is ambushed and pursued by the Bloody bunch of criminals at every turn (who, it has to be acknowledged, was the party which our game player Cole has lifted his ride from); he needs to make his way through a post-apocalyptic hells cape, blasting and crashing everything that comes in his way. Maybe he will be able to find safe place for himself and maybe he will be able to find allies. Regardless of all this, Cole knows he is going to witness a road full of fury. Now see how the player helps Cole to pass this road and reach the safe destination free of fury. Csr Racing Game

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Your vehicle in the game “Road of Fury 2” has three destructive components which are: Cole’s main weapon that fires automatically and helps him to target with the mouse, next is Cole’s active weapon that charges after a while and is activated with Keys 1, 2 or 3; last one is Cole’s “always-on” reactive boost. As you need to drive the car and kill the enemies, for this you will get the cash to upgrade and unlock various parts of your vehicle as well as you will also get the option to add the allies to your group. Certain enemies will give cash, health and guns charge power-ups which need to be collected actively by means of mouse cursor. If you cross all five checkpoints speedily then things won’t be as hopeless for you as they seem initially.

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The thing that you will love about’ Road of Fury 2’ game is its brilliant sprite-work. Online games like this game fall or rise on its explosions quality but ‘Road of Fury 2’ game has satisfying ones with car doors, tiny limbs and spare tires flying everywhere. This thing gives a real classic arcade feel to this game in its presentation and this thing motivates me to keep playing this game.More Free online games at